e.DO Detail

The Robot The Robot

e.DO is a unique, modular, open-source,
Industry 4.0-enabled,
“build-it-yourself” robot kit created for anyone who wants to explore or expand the
world of robotics.


Build it yourself robot kit.

The e.DO robot kit has everything needed to construct an articulated multi-axis robot with integrated open-source intelligence.


  • Powerful 6-axis articulated robot kit based on an open-source hardware and software architecture.
  • Kit includes articulated joints, composite plastic casings, bi-directional motors, an end-effector and a four-prong gripper.
  • Modular, flexible structure supports personalized configuration, including the possibility to create a Guided Vehicle
  • Educational package and application support will come
  • User-friendly programming and control interface.
  • Embedded Raspberry Pi control system.
  • Application storage server and community management tools.
  • Simple enough for a teenager to use, yet powerful enough to satisfy a certified engineer.