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e.DO e.DO

Now it’s your time to build the future of robotics.

Meet e.DO, your personal robot designed by Comau, a leading global company in the industrial automation field with more than 40 years of expertise. Discover more about our project.

HI! My Name is e.DO And Yours?

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Don’t miss the future community that we will develop together.
Don’t leave e.DO alone but let us help it to become great.

With e.DO you do.



With its open-source hardware and software platform, pioneers, tech enthusiasts, developers and novice users will enjoy building the robot and seeing how e.DO responds to different commands.



People make robotics.
e.DO is creating an open and modular ecosystem in which advanced robotics mingle with people of all ages and interests.



You can configure and build your personal e.DO: make your own apps or design unique accessories; share your experience and your code with the community.